Preparing for Surgery

Your pet will usually have a complete blood panel performed within 2 weeks before the planned surgery date to ensure that there are no other medical conditions that may complicate the anesthesia, surgery or your pet’s recovery.  Depending on your pet’s age and the planned surgery, x-rays may also be required before anesthesia and surgery.   It is important to remember to remove all food and water the night before surgery.  Usually simply picking up the food and water before going to bed works well.  You will usually drop your pet off at your family veterinarian’s office early in the morning and they can answer any last minute questions you may have. 
Prior to anesthesia and surgery, a complete physical examination is performed, an IV catheter is placed, IV fluids are started and all radiographs and lab work are reviewed.  The surgical plan is then discussed with your family veterinarian and Dr. Fischer.  
Following surgery you will be notified of the completion of the surgery and the results and all post-op instructions will again be reviewed with you. 
Howard Fischer, DVM, DACVS   
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